GIRO: Titanium Ballpoint Pen

Created by ENSSO

GIRO is an all-titanium ballpoint pen designed for the most comfortable writing experience. The pen is machined from grade-5 titanium which is normally used in the aerospace industry. GIRO measures 122 mm and weighs 43 grams with the refill included. The whole body has a circular pattern for better grip and aesthetics. The pen accepts all Parker-style refills and comes equipped with a German-made Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 black ink cartridge. The twist mechanism is very smooth and provides a satisfying experience. GIRO also comes with a matching clip. length: 122 mm / 4.8 widest diameter: 13.75 mm / 0.54" diameter at grip: 11.50 mm / 0.45" weight with refill included: 43.10 g / 1.52 oz